One day this week was T-100. Yup, suddenly there are only 100 days to go before I head off on my travels. This year is flying!! I’ve not even posted since Feb and we’re now the end of June!

So, what’s happened since Feb….

Below is a pictorial summary of the last few months!

A trip to Canada, car boot sale to add to the Sabbatical fund, mums birthday cruise and party, and a lovely visit from my cousin Aviva and her two yummy daughters.

 A car boot sale...Pretty Madeira...  

All fun stuff but it’s meant this blog has been overlooked a bit!

Back to my trip though

Flights are Booked! I leave September 26th which is very exciting. Returning Dec 30th.

I’m moving out of my flat this coming Friday. Over the last few weeks I’ve been packing, clearing, donating, car booting, tidying and generally preparing for the move. 6 months of rent means I can travel in the knowledge my mortgage is being paid whilst I’m away… Plus it gives me spending money. So this is a totally worthwhile thing to do…. Though it’s been a lot of work to get to this point! I’m fortunate to have two excellent tenants for my first two months…. My aunt and uncle as they await their new flat to be completed!!

Krav Maga has finally started. Ok not quite in April, but nevertheless it has started! It’s a good thing to know so I shall be attending once a week until I head off. The gym continues, but unfortunately the swimming has slowed down somewhat… But it’s going to be back once I’ve moved and am settled. I know I need to get more comfortable with being in the water!

My trip is slowly but surely coming together.

I’ve also booked on to a G Adventure tour for Peru. I spent forever deciding which company, and which tour specifics and which date but I’ve finally chosen and am looking forward to it. Fingers crossed the other people in the group are nice as we have a few weeks together!! It’s going to be a busy tour as we see all of Peru, Bolivia (including the salt flats which I’m excited about!) and more, so long days,early starts and lots of travel. The tour ends in Santiago, Chile, so I’m already scoping out a nice hotel or guest house I may stay at after the tour for some R&R!

Still lots of things to do on my list… Next main one is get my injections and immunisations sorted. Sigh… Not so fun… But certainly necessary. I don’t want to come back with some tropical disease!!

Now the sales are about to start I’m also thinking about rucksacks, travel sandals and all those things I don’t have but need. Will try to borrow where possible, and I’m sure Primark will get a visit closer to the time for cheap stuff I won’t mind throwing away! But all in good time….

Next steps… Injection time and start thinking about what I’m going to take with me! Some blogs recommend 5 tops only for a 3m trip…. Eek! That’s just highly unlikely…..


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