As time ticks on, my diary is getting fuller and fuller… Paris last weekend to say good bye to the grandparents and family. Now i have an early breakfast here, a cheeky coffee there in my last few days, my leaving drinks next Saturday and before you know it i’ll be off!

This week we had our Secret Santa Picking dinner. This is an annual event with me & my besties – usually taking place far later in the year, but  brought forward because of me! It’s a tradition of ours which we all enjoy – catch up over a nice meal, and then write all our names on pieces of paper, throw them in the air, and catch one! Providing people don’t get themselves… that’s who you buy a present for!


This year however is working slightly differently. Whoever is buying for me will be giving me my present at my leaving drinks next week (via a 3rd party so i dont know who its from!), and vice versa – i will give said 3rd party a gift for whoever i’m buying for. Then in December when they meet for the Secret Santa dinner – i will join in via Skype so we can open pressies all together 🙂

Although i’m obviously excited about my trip, i am a little sad not to be here for the dinner – but modern technology will save the day!

Over the last couple weeks i’ve been very grateful for all my friends! Loads have offered travel things for me to take with me, or pressies of useful bits and bobs and it’s nice to think i’ll be kinda taking my friends with me in some way!

Here’s just one example of my care package from Kath… Good old English tea bags, sea bands (coz she knows i’m not great -to say the least- on open water), a really useful mirror, and an eye mask guaranteed to help me make friends!!!

My fab care package with lots of useful stuff!
My first ‘bye’ card from Jen who I’ll not see now until 2015…


I am confident i will make loads of new friends along the way on my travels, but good friends remain friends forever! And lets be honest, with Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype, this blog and everything else along the way – i’ll hardly be uncontactable! (except for the minor point of moving phone network provider whilst i’m away, but hey ho!!)

Next Steps: This weekend is the dry run of packing – let’s be honest – i’ve got far too much and have to work out what to leave!


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