In honour of Sochi

Ok maybe not ‘in honour’ but ‘Simultaneously with Sochi’ I have upped my ante significantly in the sporting world. No skis or ice, but activities which increase the heart rate, burn calories and tone. So what am I now doing?.

Firstly, I joined the gym and went twice this week.
Secondly, I swam. More on this shortly
Thirdly, I put on my running shoes again. Unfortunately it was a bit muddy but I didn’t let that stop me!!

And most excitingly I have 99% booked one part of my trip. Which is a big thing! It’s actually happening now! (Another post for this)
Back to all the sport. I’m not a sporty person. Never have been. At school I always ensured my cello lessons (yes I dabbled with the cello) were during our sports class. However I want to be able to do all the things I want when out there. Be it hiking, biking, kayaking or snorkelling. So the gym is very much to build up my core muscles so my back (which does bother me at times) doesn’t impede me in certain activities. The running is my cardio. And the swimming is to help me get over my fears of swimming. (I can swim… Just not well) My mum recommended her friend Henry and we met at The Lido. He couldn’t have been nicer or more encouraging. By the end of the hour I was swimming laps which included me putting my face in the water- previously a big no no for me. I’m going to keep at it as I want to be able to enjoy the sea and not be scared of it!
Final sporting activity to include in my repertoire is Krav Maga. My parents are very keen for me to learn how to defend myself JUST IN CASE. I don’t disagree (plus they have kindly offered to pay!!) so this will be added to the mix in April.
Many of you will know this already but exercise really does improve things! I feel I have more energy, sleep better and am generally in a better mood. So I’m going to sign off and head to the gym this nice Sunday morning.

Next steps: keep up the exercise and get myself booked in for Krav Maga


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