Safety first

Every Wednesday evening I rush from work to get to my Krav Maga class.
Every Thursday morning my colleagues then ask me how it is and what my latest injury looks like!

Week 1, I did a move wrong and hurt my neck resulting in me not being able to turn my head for a good few days! But I returned for the next session!
Since then, it’s all about the bruises!
Big ones, small ones, but all rather nasty looking ones!
I’ve been straddled, strangled, pinned down… And not in a “50 shades of grey” way, I should add!

But each move we’re taught how to get out of the situation. It’s not always about being the strongest, but about the simplest moves for the biggest gain. And ultimately about you getting away.

Stuart, the teacher is great, and I am certainly planning on re-attending when I’m back from my travels. It’s  a good skill for anyone to have- done in a fun way, with some cool people is the place I go. You get a free trial class and then a beginner package of 10 classes is only £70 which is a very good bargain. Come join me (and we can compare bruises!!)

Travel update: I had my yellow fever injection last night and now have the important certificate which will allow me to enter South America with no problems!

40 days and counting!!!


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