The ever growing To Do list…  

For those who know me, they’re likely to say I’m quite organised. Maybe even a fan of the spreadsheet. Well it’s true. But somehow my to-do list for this trip is ever growing. One on my phone, a couple on my laptop and a few paper ones dotted across my room and the office.

When did this happen?!

I need to consolidate, sort by importance, and then start ticking them off

Things I HAVE done

– found, and bought my rucksack. I went for the Berghaus Jalan 65 in the end. It’s a decent size, so I’m hoping I won’t fill it before I go (remind me of this statement please!!). Plus it has the added bonus of  wheels so on the days I can, I shall be wheeling it rather than lugging it on my back

Me and my bag!

– purchased some hiking trainers. They look like normal trainers though maybe slightly chunkier. They’re comfy, suitable and because they are last year colours (shock horror!) they were dirt cheap, so I’m happy!

– told my clients about my sabbatical. Glad it’s out in the open and I can talk openly about it all. Got some lovely messages from them saying how excited they were for me- but to please come back!! Which I will!!

– put my flat back on the rental market. Had some bites so now I just have to reel them in….

Still plenty to get on with… 48 days and counting!

Next steps: make the list shrink, not grow. And top of the list remains injections!


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