Where every project should begin… with some research


Welcome to my travel blog where i am planning on capturing all i can about my impending sabbatical… But lets take a step back first and give you a bit of background. In November last year my company (2CV) offered a new benefit to long standing employees. After 5 years service, staff are able to take a sabbatical of up to three months… well guess what… i’ve been there 5 years! I didn’t hang around, so a week after this benefit was mentioned, i told my line manager that i was going to take advantage of this!

So what’s been agreed?

3 months sabbatical
Oct-Dec 2014 (exact dates TBC)
Job kept for when I’m back
Happy days! Now comes the hard part – deciding where to go, what to do, and how to do it.

Being in research is both a blessing and a curse! I tend to be the one of my friends who will go one step further when organising things, but when you have the world as your oyster, research can become overwhelming!

Step 1: Start with the desk research

I have taken books out the library (old school), i have subscribed to blogs (new school), i have attended Travel shows, I have requested loads of travel brochures and i have asked anyone who has been on a sabbatical about their experience.

All well and good in theory, but what has happened is a classic case of being overwhelmed with the options available. I read The Paradox of Choice for work a while back (which i recommend by the way) and these days you can drive yourself crazy with the choices available. Even deciding which blog site to use could have been a big decision… but at times you just have to make your mind up and decide!

So here is my big pile of travel brochures – for some reason i can’t rotate my image… but i’ll learn!

And here is my new bible…

Reading.... on paper... whatever next?!

For the next few months, my Kindle has been put to the side, and I shall be immersing myself in all i need to know about South America. Oh yes! That is where i shall be going for my sabbatical! I have a pretty good idea of which countries i will visit in this time, but i’m not quite there yet on confirming.

So i’m off to continue reading, highlighting and learning. Or as Lloyd Grossman used to say… i’m off to “Deliberate, Cogitate and Digest”.

I’m of the ethos that you should always end a meeting with an action, and this shall (hopefully) continue in this blog

Next steps: Get my trip plan broadly scoped out by my next post. Wish me luck! 


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