Sucre = success!

Lack of wifi means there’ll be a spate of posts in the next few days as we catch up to where i am now…. in Chile!

An early flight was in order to take us from La Paz to Sucre. Many people think La Paz is the capital of Bolivia but in actual fact it’s Sucre. The flight was short – but the oddest aspect was the fact that we didn’t really go up very much! As La Paz is so high, we really took off and were already at the altitude we wanted, so saw mountains whizz past us as we flew!


Once in Sucre we checked in and then headed for a lunch spot Eddie had chosen. Just a 15 minute walk away he said (As is his tendency!) What he forgot to mention was that it was up at the top of a hill! So we earned our lunch. And to his credit the view (And food) were great. The sun was shining and we were all happy to chill there for a good while.


Once we decided to head back, a few of us girls went shopping in the cute little shops. The combination of the weather, the nice cobbled streets, the relaxed feel and the beauty of the city meant that we all fell in love with Sucre pretty quickly! We also bumped into a gorgeous puppy and her owner who also added to the experience – the cutest thing ever!

DSC_0068 DSC_0069

Dinner and drinks, combined with meeting up with another G Adventure group for more drinks meant we had a fun night in Sucre. Next morning we all decided what activities to do (if any) and I chose rock climbing along with around half of the group- and loved it! A “short 10 minute walk to the rock face” was actually more like a 30 minute hike up a very steep hill – but it got our hearts going early on in the day. We’d been given climbing shoes which were very uncomfortable as they dug into your big toes – but once you’re on the rocks you realize how important they are. We all took it in turns to go up the wall which was around 15-20 metres in height. The two guides were great – really reassuring and had our trust which made it easier to feel safe when climbing. We did 3 different climbs – the last one the hardest. Some did a particularly hard one (for starters) but I chose a climb with an overhang which we needed to overcome – not so easy! But when you hit the top it’s a nice feeling to have accomplished it! We ended climbing fun with some jumping photos which are always fun!


After we decided to quickly visit the dinosaur footprints which were a 15 minute cab ride away. It was a good 1-1.5hr guided tour – and if I’m honest I wasn’t so into it. Yes we saw some footprints of different dinosaurs, and learnt a bit about them but that’s about it!


P1070545Back in town for a late lunch. Sarah, Eamear and myself chose to go to a veggie restaurant near the hotel which was a not for profit place. Well it served incredible food. And Bolivia being cheap meant that this place charged £1 for a main meal! Final dinner in Sucre and we all agreed we’d come back to this lovely city…



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