Who knew Salt could be such fun!

Salt Flats are awesome! Stunningly beautiful and the chance to take lots of fun pictures of which I’ll try to not put Too many up here! Before we actually got to them we first visited a deserted train graveyard. Steph had mentioned this to me and I wasn’t too excited about it, but once we got there it was actually great fun! We could climb up and on everything which sounds boring and childlike, but was a laugh! Plus they made for good pictures which is always a bonus!




Then we hit the salt flats. They are as white as can be and the ideal is to drive far enough into them that you can’t see anything in the horizon both ways – this is when the pictures are most effective.

IMG_2788What people don’t tell you however is that they’re not so easy to perfect! They take time and patience.. but luckily we had lots of time on our hands – and Eddie to help us as he’s taken the pics once or twice!











Once we’d finished we headed to a Salt hotel where we were staying. It was pretty cool. We were in 3 rooms – all made of salt with salt beds & seats. And was surprisingly comfy with good beds and warm alpaca blankets. The next day we headed back out to the salt flats for our final pictures, and then visited a ‘cactus island’ in the middle of the salt flats where we hiked up and got a great panorama of the salt around us! I also became a cactus!


A black lagoon, some rock formations and a volcano were also in order as we made our way to our next accommodation. Despite Eddie warning us, the place was basic  – to say the least. Our light switch was two live wires we needed to spark together to turn the light on!! It was only for one night, so we managed, but with the salt hotel having no water, and now this basic place being somewhat dirty, we were all VERY much looking forward to Chile & the promise of a shower!

Up early (5.30) the next day and straight on through the desert. We passed some lagoons (green ones this time), some flamingoes (Three types) and some geysers.




Hot Springs was the final destination before lunch – which was SO nice. Perfectly warm, good for the skin and we were all happy having a quick dip in the spring water together! After lunch we crossed the border and arrive in San Pedro de Atacama which had a lovely hotel.

Despite the city being VERY touristy, it was weird to have crossed a border and be in such a different country. The locals dressed differently, it was evident that the country had more money, and prices were suddenly much higher! In Bolivia we paid 50p for 2 litres of water. Suddenly we’re back to £1.50 for a small bottle! My time in the cheap part of South America has sadly come to an end!


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