SABSabbatical Summary

This is my final post i’m sad to say… I’ve actually found it quite cathartic and have enjoyed all the comments received from people when reading about my trip!

My trip visually summarised

Obviously you all know this post will include some stats, so lets get straight to it!


Number of days in South America: 95

Number of beds slept in: 46

Number of books read: 12

Highest temperature hit: 37 degrees

Highest altitude hit: 5000m when travelling through the Atacama desert towards Chile

Number of flights taken: 19

Longest hours on a plane: 11.5 (Buenos Aires to Madrid)

Longest hours on a bus: 14 (when in Patagonia)

Mountains climbed: 3 – Pasachoa, Torres del Paine, Fitzroy

Number of Wonders of the World seen: Only 1 – Machu Picchu (somehow Iguasu isn’t a WotW, but according to this website i’ve seen 10 of the top 14 natural wonders to see in South America so not too bad an effort!)

Number of steaks eaten: I’d guess about 20!

Number of KM walked: Annoyingly my pedometer on my iPhone failed me, but i’ve certainly walked / hiked far more than i ever have!

Number of boats taken: 12 – more than i wanted to before i came out, but i’m now OK on boats!

Number of pictures taken: 3078 (so an average of 32 a day)

Number of blog posts: 35 (including this one)

Countries i now have friends in: 8 (Oz, Ireland, Wales, Canada, South Africa, Netherlands, Sweden, Israel)


Top 3 things i saw on my trip:

In no particular order – Macchu Picchu, Iguasu Falls and Easter Island

4 5 6

Top 3 things i did on my trip:

In no particular order – snorkelling in the Galapagos, taking fun photos on the salt flats, hiking in the Torres del Paine

7 8 9

Top 3 animals i met on my trip:

In no particular order – giant turtles, alpacas and St Bernard dogs

1a 2 3

Top 3 local people pics i took on my trip:

In no particular order – Ecuadorean woman, Peruvian baby, Bolivian woman

10 11 12

Top 3 Spanish words:

In no particular order: Zanahoria (carrot), Cataratas (waterfall), Porteño (what people born in Buenos Aires call themselves)

Top 3 songs of my trip:

In no particular order: Enrique – Bailando,  Sia – Dressed in Black (but really all the album),  Chan Chan – BVSC

Finally – Top 3 things i learnt:

Respect: This is for the local customs, local people, and also the environment i’m in. You can’t walk into a country and expect things to be exactly as they are at home. Respect what’s around you…

Patience: I met a whole range of people during my trip and my levels of patience were certainly tested! Finding ways to keep calm and not letting things stress you will make a big difference

Resilience: You CAN make it to the top of the mountain, and you CAN face your fears whatever they may be…. It’s all mental…


  • Do the free walking tours in each city. They’re usually great and a fab way to get to know where you are (and make friends)
  • Go  halves on food – portions are huge typically so share one main between two – or just get a starter
  • Follow the locals – we went to places recommended by other travellers, but ultimately the best meals were those recommended by locals in small establishments. Way better and way cheaper
  • Download Citymaps2go – i should get a commission i recommend them so much but it’s def my app of the trip
  • Get a no fee travel credit card (I have Halifax Clarity) as it saves you a lot of money in the long run
  • Pay for Spotify/Napster or some music service where you can change your music along the way – you’re gonna get bored of your albums – trust me!
  • Use Dropbox or iCloud or the like for your photos in case you lose your phone/camera. Then your memories aren’t lost…
  • Touchnote is a great app if you want to send an actual postcard whilst away. It brought a lot of smiles to my family and friends
  • Visit a local drugstore and check out what you can buy there that you may not be able to get in your country!
  • Read others’ blogs – a great way to get tips!

Thanks for reading people, and looking forward to seeing all your smiley faces in the very near future 🙂

Sabs x


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